I know Failure!

I know failure, it has visited me from time to time, sometimes it has wanted to embrace me as my only and closest friend. I know failure, it has chased me down, hunted me relentlessly and sometimes beaten me to the ground. I know failure it has come roaring like lion, darkened my mind with… Continue reading I know Failure!

Check on us!

When the pandemic first begun there were some cliché lines that started making the rounds ‘check on us introverts we are not doing well’, this being because the extroverts had invaded their space and they did not know how to cope with it. The reverse was also going round, ‘check on us extroverts, we are… Continue reading Check on us!

He is here!

As a caregiver there are times when in my line of work, I have experiences that are eye openers as to how I appear before God. One such experience was with an older lady who had dementia. She would yell ‘help me!’ Over and over, it got a bit tiring listening to her especially when… Continue reading He is here!